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  • 121 Submerged arc welding; SAW
  • 122 Submerged arc welding/cladding with strip electrode
  • 123 Multi wire submerged arc welding
  • 125 Submerged arc welding with flux cored wire
  • 131 Gas metal arc welding; GMAW; MIG
  • 135 Gas metal arc welding; GMAW; MAG
  • 136 Tubular cored metal arc welding with active gas shield
  • 137 Flux cored arc welding; FCAW
  • 141 Gas tungsten arc welding; GTAW / TIG
  • 151 Plasma arc welding, PAW
  • 152 Powder plasma arc welding; PTA
  • 521 Laser beam welding; LBW
  • 72 Electroslag welding; ES
  • 83 Plasma arc cutting
  • 18 Other arc welding processes, customized solutions


Numerous types of welding heads result in many solutions for our client’s problems. Different kinds of welding heads are necessary for purposes such as different material being welded as well as the different situations. We construct welding heads for SAW wire welding and ES strip welding ourselves and already have a large selection of various models.